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Kolkata 2018

The trip to Kolkata has begun! This is a trip to Kolkata, India to serve those in great need and, along the way, to learn that non nobis solum nati sumus (not for ourselves alone are we born). The group includes the team from St. John Vianney College Seminary - a group of twelve seminarians led by Fr. Becker and Fr. Borello - and three graduate students from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Pathways Holiday Letter

Dear Pathways Supporters:
Thanks to you it has been an incredible year for Pathways to Children; a year of accomplishment and a year of positive impact on poverty in our world.
Pathways to Children is small compared to many other nonprofits but IN ONE YEAR Pathways has:
• Provided preschool education, healthcare and nutrition to 250 impoverished children in Kolkata, India.
• Made a huge difference to 30 special needs children who, without it, have no hope for the future. In addition, ReSound hearing aids have been supplied to children who have hearing deficits.

Medical and School Supplies Needed

Executive Director Grace Strangis heads to Kolkata, India in late December with volunteers from St. John Vianney Seminary and University of Minnesota School of Public Health. She would like to bring with them donated new or slightly used medical and school supplies for the Pathways Jan Seva School and Clinics and Orphanage. Please let us know if you have any supplies to donate.

Cristo Rey Students leave for Bogota

Cristo Rey students began their trip to Bogota, Colombia on Saturday, November 18th. The picture is of students from Bogota ready to greet the U.S. students. The Bogota students rode a bus to the airport to meet the Cristo Rey students who arrived at 11:00 PM and took the bus back with the Cristo Rey students to their accommodations for the night. Pathways will be posting information throughout the trip so stay tuned here!

Zemene's School is Completed!

The construction of the four classroom school in Belessa, Ethiopia is completed! 309 students attend a new school in an area that before now had no school. It was furnished with school desks and blackboards and handed over to the local community education office recently. Despite lack of water, civil strife, and great logistical issues, the local American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) succeeded in the endeavor to build this school.

Cristo Rey students heading to Bogota!

In November 2017, thirteen Cristo Rey High School students along with Pathways and Cristo Rey staff will be traveling to Bogota, Colombia on a trip sponsored and organized by Pathways. Over the summer the students were communicating with their “matched” student partners from Bogota. It is anticipated in 2018 the students in Bogota will visit their partners here in the U.S. Pathways has sponsored a double exchange such as this with students from Cristo Rey and Bogota previously. We will continue to update you about the trip here.

St. John Vianney Seminarians trip to Kolkata

St. John Vianney seminarians, Father Borello and traveling companions at Twin Cities airport preparing to leave for Kolkata in December 2016 to work with Mother Teresa’s Sisters and to work in Pathways Jan Seva School and Clinics. Pictures and commentary of the trip follow.

Pathways Holiday Letter

Dear Pathways Supporters:

Thank you! Because of all the caring friends like you, Pathways to Children is providing education and health care to hundreds of children living in extreme poverty as well as providing “life changing” volunteer experiences to students.

Pathways to Children had many positive developments and achievements in 2016.

(1) Collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health has resulted in an innovative Community Health Program for our Jan Seva School in Kolkata. Every family of the students in the school have been visited and assessed for their living conditions and further health needs. These needs will be addressed at our family and pediatric clinics in the school and through educational programs for the parents. The University of Minnesota School of Public Health is very excited about this unique program which they believe can be extended to other poverty-stricken communities in India and other parts of the world.

Bogota Students Arrive in Minneapolis

The 17 students from Bogota, Colombia arrived in Minneapolis the afternoon of July 3rd, 2016. While at their connecting flight destination in Houston, they got their first experience to pay with dollars for something to eat. Though having been prepped on the exchange rates, they were still surprised how many pesos an apple or a cupcake would cost. The students’ blog in Bogota says that upon arrival in Minneapolis, “the meeting with our Cristo Rey and Pathways to Children hosts was simply amazing. We were finally together and excited of all that this country has to show us, in addition to looking forward to the plans made for us while here in the U.S.”

Bogota Students to Reunite in Minneapolis with Cristo Rey Friends

In November, 2015 Pathways took 17 students from inner city Minneapolis Cristo Rey high school to Bogota, Colombia. Pathways is now bringing the Bogota students to Minnesota. Students arrive July 3rd for 10 days. We are excited about being a part of making it happen and will continue to post updates so watch this space for further details.

Jan Seva Needs Assessment Wins Awards

Pathways To Children, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, sponsors field/research projects for graduate students. Our first project, a needs assessment of health priorities of parents and children served by Jan Seva School in Kolkata, India, developed by Colleen Longacre, won two PhD level awards in the School of Public Health Research Day competition held in April. Read further for details of awards and comments by Colleen.

Pathways and Grace receive Pope Francis Award & Catholic Spirit publishes article on Pathways

Grace Strangis and Pathways to Children were recently awarded the Pope Francis Award by Our Lady of Lourdes Church. In addition, Catholic Spirit publishes article on Cristo Rey student mission trip to Colombia

Bogota Travel Blog!

16 students from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School are currently in Bogota, Colombia. Read more about our travels!

Grace Strangis Receives Award from U of Minnesota School of Public Health

Congratulations to Pathways' Founder, Grace Strangis, on receiving a 2015 U of MN SPH Community Partner STAR Award!

Jefferson Award Winners!

Congratulations to the DeLaSalle High School students who received a Jefferson Award for their service while on a Pathways to Children trip to Kolkata, India.

Help us build a school and well in Ethiopia!

Pathways to Children has partnered with the JDC on a project in Belessa, Ethiopia. We have raised the funds for the school and now just need the remaining $4,000 for a water well!


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